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Vandal Mascot
Welcome! I am Vandal. I am pleased to see you here. I will be your Time-Travel guide.

Browser extension that helps you navigate back in time without leaving your current tab.

* Vandal is not affiliated with The Japan Times. It's used for reference purposes only. They do provide excellent coverage on figure skating.
Switch between Calendar and Graph View in your journey.
switch between calendar and graph
Built-in Browser to navigate the archive.
Zip through archived Snapshots for a date or across the month.
Access your Navigation History for a website.
Resource Drawer to view timestamp differences of resources relative to the page.
Historical View Beta historical
Historical View to see the snapshots of a webpage throughout the years.
How is this tool related to Wayback Machine?

Vandal is not affiliated to Internet Archive. As for features, it's more of a tiny subset to the mighty Wayback Machine, a web archive service provided by them and it is built using the Wayback Machine API. Also, to know more, checkout the list of limitations below.

Why was this built?

The utility of Vandal is to allow quick and easy access to all the archived snapshots for a URL and it supports navigation to a snapshot as well.

With regards to it's purpose, the Internet Archive has long been a bastion of universal access to knowledge and personally, Wayback helped me find a defunct speech transcript, so am hoping this tool would bring more contributors to the efforts of Internet Archive.

What are the limitations of this tool?
  • It uses Iframe to load a webpage which has inherent limitations, although Vandal does replicate the behaviour of a browser to some degree. Also, not every website supports iframe.
  • It does not support saving a page to Archive. Although, It does notify you to do so on an unarchived page.
  • Unlike Wayback Machine, you can't navigate to another domain by manually entering a URL in an input. Also, Internet Archive provides a full-fledged service with support for personal account to maintain collections, web archives, etc in your own library for easy access.
Is there a narrative here?

Glad you asked! 😄

Amidst these ruins and lifeless barren landscape,
as I ponder upon the futility of my conquests,
I have arrived at one inevitable conclusion—
That I miss humankind—
And this machine lets me fill some of that void.

But hey, this casserole didn't turn out so bad!

- Vandal